Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is US Military A Good Investment ???

President Trump is promising to "invest" more money in the US military:

Playing up the idea that we live in “troubled, troubled times,” President Trump today vowed to make “a historic financial investment” in the US military, saying it would prove America’s commit to the defense of freedom worldwide.

Though Trump offered no details as to what this would do to his budgets, it appears to mark a break from previous comments, in which he heavily implied that increased spending on warships and planes would be paid for by savings in getting the cost of weapons programs under control.

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But is this really a good investment?

I've been in the military. One tour in the Army, two in the Navy. I even spent a month in the Air Force. Was it in "defense of freedom"? That's what I was told, but I'm starting to doubt it.

If you like the idea that America can bully the rest of the world and kill innocent people in the process, then "investment" in the military may work for you.

But if you want to know the real "return on investment" the military represents, you should read this report:


That's right - the US military turned $2 billion into one penny. And that does not include the money it took to operate the ship for four decades.

So, what is more important in the balance? Does any of this make good financial sense?

  • Turning billions of dollars of resources into scrap;
  • Turning healthy young men and women into invalids and corpses;
  • Poisoning vast tracts of land into toxic waste dumps (e.g., SE Asia, Iraq, Yugoslavia, and even parts of the United States); and
  • Forcing potential friends to live under the multiple tyrants we support all over the world.

Tools of violence are not tools of liberation. Unless we get that through our heads, we'll be trapped forever in this endless loop of dog eat dog, with no real benefit to We The People except an occasional snack of dog meat.

Does that sound like a good investment to you?

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