Friday, September 9, 2016

US Vs. Russia - The Alleged Hack

CNN (the Clinton Nominating Network) has been whining about the alleged Russian hack of the DNC and the alleged Russian interference in our political process. They do so with the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence.

What, on the other hand, has the US unquestionably done in this vein?

*Destroyed Iraq and promoted the killing of its leader (Saddam Hussein)

*Destroyed Libya and promoted the killing of its leader (Muammar Gaddafi)

*Destroyed the economy of Chile and promoted the killing of its leader (Salvador Allende)

*Destroyed the economy of Cuba and promoted the attempted killing of its leader (Fidel Castro)

*Tampered with the economy of Congo and promoted the killing of its leader (Patrice Lumumba)

*Destroyed Syria and promoted the overthrow of its leader (Bashar al-Assad)

*Promoted the overthrow of an Iranian leader (Mohammed Mossadegh)

*Promoted the overthrow of a Guatemalan leader (Jacobo √Ārbenz)

This is just a small sampling of US acts of interference in the political processes of sovereign nations.

I love my country, but what right do we have to destroy other nations and kill their leaders?

And if we do have such a right, why don't the Russians have the same right?

It seems to me that the Clintons and their supporters will do just about anything to win the upcoming election and start the war with Russia they so desperately want.

I don't want war with Russia, China, or anyone else. Do you?

And by the way, why does Obama ad-Dajjal cave to the Iranians (who are relative pipsqueaks in the global arena and who have NO nuclear weapons) but continually threaten the Russians (who DO have nuclear weapons and who can kick our ass)? Does that make any sense?

What the heck is going on here?

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