Friday, September 16, 2016

UK Wants To Push Refugee Boats Back To Libya

British Foreign Secretary Johnson proposes to push back refugee boats on the Mediterranean to Libya. Behind the demand is a legal consideration: When refugees from EU assistants are rescued from drowning, they can no longer be classified as illegal people entering.

You can read the rest @ [translation required]

In other words, it would be preferable to let them drown so the UK won't have to help them. That's really sick.

The morons in the UK government should have stopped NATO from bombing Libya in the first place. If they had, there wouldn't be any Libyan refugees.

This whole refugee mess is NATO's tar baby. They caused it; they should now pay for it. Maybe then they'll learn the lesson that Hillary and the other war criminals in the US do NOT have Europe's interests in mind.

And please stop blaming this on "climate change".


  1. That may be, but did the UK abstain or participate in the bombing of Libya? If they participated, it's their tar baby, too.

  2. True; big mistake from yesterday's man Cameron. I have just spent 10 days in the UK on a 'bucket list' trip (I am becoming ancient and infirm) and I am so glad that I emigrated back in '88 when I was into my middle age.