Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why Is MSM Ignoring Pipeline Protests ???

The media blackout of opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline continues as widening protests, which have now blocked pipeline construction in Iowa, go unreported by the national corporate media.

The “Mississippi Stand” water protector encampment in Sandusky, Iowa, successfully blocked Dakota Access Pipeline construction as of Saturday, September 24th. The protests are taking place where the pipeline is planned to cross the Mississippi River.

Water protectors attached themselves to construction equipment in acts of civil disobedience until they were eventually arrested - but police failed to corral them before they halted the pipeline’s construction. Law enforcement arrested a total of 12 people on Saturday at the Mississippi Stand site, according to independent media outlet Unicorn Riot. At least 44 people have been arrested at the Iowa protest site in previous weeks.

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The short answer is that the MSM works for corporations and the deep state.

When the US gobbled up Indian land to achieve its "manifest destiny", the US Army killed everyone who got in the way.

In Custer's day, it was yellow gold. Today, it's black gold. What Uncle Sam wants, he takes.

For ongoing coverage of this issue, I highly recommend Brenda Norrell's blog "Censored News". You can find it here:

Go Brenda !!!

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