Saturday, September 17, 2016

Here Is How To End The Hillary Body Double Controversy

It appears that Hillary (shown on the left) has been replaced with a body double (shown on the right):

Many have said that various physical features of the alleged body double (height, apparent weight, finger length, ear lobes, facial structure, etc.) do not match those of Hillary. I am skeptical of all such claims, with the exception of the ear lobes. They are as distinctive as fingerprints, but unfortunately most photos of the two do not show enough of their ear lobes for a definitive comparison.

Other possible differences between the two, such as apparent vitality and the presence or absence of Secret Service agents, also are not definitive.

So what to do?


Voice print analysis is definitive and will stand up in court. You can read about it here:

So come on all you experts - analyze the voices of the "before" and "after" Hillarys and tell us if they are the same person or not.

And if they are not, let's have some criminal indictments this time for everyone involved in this apparent conspiracy.

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