Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Vs. The Economists

Establishment economists ranging from austere neoliberals to spendthrift Keynesians are united in branding Donald Trump’s proposed economic policies as “disastrous.”

He must be on to something.

These economists are the distinguished experts, after all, who have championed the globalization that gutted American manufacturing, promoted the offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs, encouraged American companies to keep trillions (trillions!) of dollars of profit abroad, and enabled the tax inversions allowing American companies to move to the country most willing to beggar its neighbor.

These are the celebrity academics who have championed the deficit-reducing, budget-balancing, tax-cutting policies that have crippled our infrastructure, degraded our schools, and cut public services from police and fire protection to garbage collection.

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The Trump "disaster" they fear is that he may overturn their disastrous policies and actually do something to help We The People.

There really is a plan to destroy the US to more easily integrate its remnant into the "new world order". This election may be our last lawful opportunity to stop it.

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