Thursday, September 15, 2016

Is Baseball More Important Than The Presidency ???

The San Diego Padres have come under fire because they apparently hid information about the health status of their players from the powers that be in major league baseball. You can read it here:

Meanwhile, it is rather apparent that Hillary and the DNC are hiding information about her health status from the public; from federal, state, and local boards of election; and from groups whose job it is to determine her fitness for office.

Is baseball actually more important than the Presidency? Why don't we have the means to compel Hillary to divulge her health records and to impose fines and/or criminal sanctions if she refuses? Aren't fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud crimes which would disqualify her from holding office?

By the way, the apparent prevarication we are witnessing in regards to her health records is identical to what we encountered over Obama ad-Dajjal's birth certificate. I think the Dems are lying now, and they were lying then.

Put them all in jail.

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