Monday, September 19, 2016

Japan's Final Surrender

Japan’s new defense minister, Tomomi Inada, is pushing her country to become a stronger, more independent actor on the world stage - and trying to make herself prime minister in the process. But as she gets closer to both goals, she’s finding that Japan’s success is more dependent than ever on deepening cooperation with its neighbors and the United States.

Inada rose to prominence in Japan as a conservative firebrand who embraced controversial views, including questioning the facts surrounding Japan’s wartime atrocities. She once suggested that Japan should get its own nuclear weapons. She is often accused of being a revisionist - a term for those who seek to partly rehabilitate Japan’s wartime history. But as was clear to me after an hour-long interview last week during her first trip to Washington in her new role, Inada is coming to terms with the fact that if she wants to lead Japan into the future, she needs to be a globalist first.

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This will be the ultimate fate of all nations - every knee will bow.

The worst part is they are bowing to Satan's emissaries instead of Christ.

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