Thursday, September 22, 2016

Living In A Van Down By The River

Do you remember the old Saturday Night Live sketches in which comedian Chris Farley portrayed a motivational speaker that lived in a van down by the river?

Unfortunately, this is becoming a reality for way too many Americans. As the middle class has shrunk and the cost of living has increased, a lot of people have decided to quite literally “live on the road”. Whether it is a car, a truck, a van, a bus or an RV, an increasing number of Americans are using their vehicles as their homes. Just recently, someone that I know took a trip down the west coast of the United States and stayed at a number of campgrounds along the way. What she discovered was that a lot of people were actually living at these campgrounds. Of course there are some that actually prefer that lifestyle, but many others are doing it out of necessity.

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It was funny then, but it ain't funny now.

Keep in mind that Obama ad-Dajjal DOUBLED our national debt while doing NOTHING to get us working and out of those vans.

The market state the globalists are building (if you let them) will keep you there permanently.

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