Sunday, September 25, 2016

More Questions About Charlotte Police Shooting

I have watched all three videos which have been made public, and they raise more questions than they answer. Here are a few:

1. Why did police originally confront Mr. Scott, when they allegedly were in the area to serve a warrant on another person?

2. At the start of the videos, Mr. Scott is sitting in an SUV with doors and windows closed. How was it even possible for police to determine that he had a gun?

3. When Scott exits the vehicle, it does not appear to me he has anything in his hands. Do you see a gun?

4. Scott backs away from the vehicle and does not appear to EVER raise his hands or arms. If he even had a gun, he certainly did not point it at police. Why then was he shot?

5. Every policeman I see in the videos is pointing a gun at Scott. Why is NO ONE pointing a Taser or other non-lethal weapon?

6. The only person in the vicinity who could have resolved this confrontation without violence was Scott's wife. Why didn't police let her help?

I think Scott was killed for the same reasons Michael Brown was killed:

a. He did not IMMEDIATELY comply with the orders of the police; and

b. The police were more worried about their own safety than about the welfare of Mr. Scott.

It is incredible that after so many police shootings and so much publicity, stuff like this continues to occur on a regular basis. The Charlotte police chief should be fired, and someone who values human life and not just the lives of the police brotherhood should be put in charge.


  1. Here is an analysis which seems to show a gun on the ground near Scott's body -

    I'm still not convinced.

  2. Here is another assessment which agrees with mine -

    This man was killed for no reason. No reason at all.

    If he truly was a danger, he easily could have been Tasered from behind after he exited the vehicle.