Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Are Zuckerbergs Going To Cure Disease ???

As you may have heard, the Zuckerberg family is donating $3 billion to cure all disease. You can read about it here:

Quite admirable, right?

If you read closely what they are proposing, you may notice that something is missing:

1. Many believe the human population already exceeds the carrying capacity of our planet.

2. Without disease, humans will live longer and be more fertile. Curing all disease, therefore, appears to be a recipe for planetary catastrophe.

So (other than ego) why do this?

When will the other shoe (culling the herd) drop?

By the way, if I had their money, I think I'd buy more than one t-shirt for Mark to wear in public.

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  1. This article about polio eradication in India describes why the Zuckerberg plan may be misguided -