Monday, September 19, 2016

After The Fall

The world is being prepared for a great fall, probably the worst financial catastrophe in history because it will truly be a worldwide one.

And the trade agreements didn’t just happen to get written. They are a map to a future that could be more fully realized post-catastrophe.

The crash and the reorganization of the world’s financial and industrial structure are happening at the same time. Insanely, it’s being planned by a very small group of banking elites.

In fact, these trade agreements, as has been mentioned before, are restructuring the world’s judicial system and the way that nation-states relate to corporations. Post “trade treaty,” corporations are going to have the upper hand.

Of course, today’s corporations are illegitimate, as we have been pointing out here. They achieve their massive size because of proprietary intellectual property rights, corporate person-hood and monopoly fiat central banking.

Absent these artificial factors propping up corporations by force, multinationals would subside.  In fact in the US before the Civil War there were no multinationals and a scarcity of millionaires (here). Businesses were mostly modest-sized holdings, often individual.

The future unfortunately seems clear enough. First the world is likely to undergo a tremendous financial catastrophe. Then these trade agreements will provide the basis of a new world order.

That order is something we can call technocratic fascism. The world will be run by a few multinational corporations and their rarefied leadership.

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Ready to rise up? I didn't think so.

By the time you change your mind, it will be too late.

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