Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Money Laundering At Pro-Clinton Super PACs And Non-Profits ???

There’s a reason why David Brock chooses to house an unregistered Professional Solicitor in his office to raise money for his conglomerate of Super PACs and non-profits.

Professional Solicitors are required to disclose their active solicitation contracts.  Brock wants his unregistered solicitor, the Bonner Group, to keep their client list hidden for a very specific reason.


David Brock has 7 non-profits, 3 Super PACs, one 527-committee, one LLC, one joint fundraising committee, and one unregistered solicitor crammed into his office in Washington DC.

Uncovered records expose a constant flow of money between these organizations.

The Bonner Group, his professional solicitor, works off a commission.  Every time money gets passed around, Bonner receives a 12.5% cut.

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If confirmed, and since Brock is Hillary's main man, this apparently will prove once and for all that Hillary Clinton either is a crook herself or knowingly benefits from criminal activities.

By the way, I bet you all forgot the accusations about money laundering and other potential crimes at the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority when Bill and Hillary were in the AR governor's mansion. Had those allegations been properly investigated back then, the Clintons might still be in jail.

Face it, the US government is a criminal enterprise, supported by the deep state. Unless We The People rise up, none of these thugs ever will be punished.

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