Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Obama The Jackass Insults Trump At UN

There wasn’t much diplomatic about it: President Barack Obama and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon repeatedly denounced Donald Trump and his brand of politics here as they addressed leaders from around the world Tuesday.

Three days after declaring that Trump’s candidacy is a threat to American democracy, Obama said that while globalization has its downsides, the wrong response comes “more often from the right” to produce an “aggressive nationalism, a crude populism ...which seeks to restore what they believe was a better, simpler age free of outside contamination.”

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"Outside contamination" is a very good description of Obama ad-Dajjal, Hillary, Soros, and their ilk.

And yes, we would be better off without them.

By the way, it may be crude but it's what the people want. Isn't ours a government of, by, and for the people? Or is it of, by, and for "sophisticated" rich people and bottom feeders like Obama ad-Dajjal who suck up to them?

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