Friday, September 16, 2016

Prolonging The Occupation

Here is what the US gets for the $38 billion we are giving to Israel:

The package is again a statement of absolute support for Israeli occupation, colonization, and apartheid. This is not about Israeli defenses. This is about enabling the apartheid situation that now exists that is imposed by Israel and that the Obama administration and everyone before it has said is not sustainable. It becomes sustainable when the U.S. finances that--$3.8 billion a year of our tax money over ten years, more than has been given to any other country for military assistance, including even Iraq in the ten years of the Iraq War, from 2003 until 2011. This is significantly more than that, in the midst of a U.S. war. So this notion that this somehow is about defending poor little Israel simply doesn't hold up. This is about enabling the Israeli government to continue its policies.

In the particulars, it's way more than we've seen in the past. In the past, the highest this year was--the end of this ten-year period has been $3.1 billion a year--already an outrageous amount of money for the 23rd wealthiest country in the world. And the notion that we are somehow looking at a scenario where Israel is being punished by, for example, having to do what every other country does who gets military aid--most of them, all of them much less than Israel gets--they have to spend it on the U.S. war industry rather than building their own war industry to compete with our own. All that we're doing here is seeing that Israel is being held to the same standard of benefiting our military corporations that other countries are being held to. So this notion that somehow this is a concession by Israel simply doesn't stand up.

And then, finally, this point about Israel agreeing not to go back to Congress and ask for more unless there's an emergency. As we know, Israel creates the emergencies. Israel is the one who goes to war against Gaza and then demands that the U.S. send more bullets when they use them up, or more planes or more bombs. So that's exactly what we've seen in the past. It's exactly the same that we'll be seeing in the future.

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Two things ought to be clear from this:

1. In spite of MSM lies to the contrary, Obama ad-Dajjal is one of the most pro-Israel presidents ever.

2. The only "solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian "problem" will be the one seemingly proposed by Rabbi Meir Kahane - make them all disappear.

It is to the eternal shame of the US that we continue to pay for this situation.

By the way, my first wife once distributed literature for Kahane's Jewish Defense League. I doubt she really knew what she was doing.

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