Sunday, August 6, 2017

US Selling Coal To Ukraine

The US coal company Xcoal Energy and Resources has received an order to supply coal from the state-owned Ukrainian power company Centrenergo. The coal deliveries are to serve the preparation of the country for the winter, reports the  Washington Post . The contract is the result of an agreement between the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his US colleague Donald Trump, who had proclaimed a "golden era" in the energy industry between the US and Ukraine, according to the English-language service of  Reuters .

In detail it is about a supply of coal in the amount of 700,000 tons and a value of 79 million dollars. The price currently stands at about 113 dollars per tonne. The first shipment will leave the port of Baltimore in September in the direction of Ukraine.

Energy Minister Rick Perry said in this context that US coal "a safe and reliable source of energy" for Ukraine. Ukraine has so far been dependent on Russian coal deliveries. "This is changing now," quotes the Washington Post Perry. According to the US energy minister, this is an important step in pushing the USA's dominance in the energy sector. US Trade Minister Wilbur Ross said Ukraine now has the opportunity to diversify its energy sources before the onset of winter. Previously, US President Trump had promised to revive the US coal industry, increase exports and create jobs.

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"Safe and reliable"? Really?

Who is paying for this? I thought Ukraine is broke.

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