Saturday, August 26, 2017

Is Silicon Valley The Devil's Playground ???

Among the 70,000 or so people who will make the trip to Black Rock City, Nevada, this weekend for the start of Burning Man will be some of the most influential people in Silicon Valley.

Every year, some of tech's top execs join the annual festival, dressing in shiny costumes and exploring the art installations just like everyone else.

The unwritten rules of the festival encourage anonymity and privacy. But the attendance of some of the CEOs and founders has been revealed by one of their enthusiastic peers on Medium. And many members of the tech elite have found their time on the playa - Burning Man speak for the dusty dry lake bed where the festival takes place - so life-changing that they couldn't help but speak about it publicly.

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The Burning Man festival may or may not be the equivalent of Satan worship, but it definitely is the embodiment of many things the Bible labels as abominations.

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And THESE are the people who control what your children think?


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