Sunday, August 20, 2017

Is France Recolonizing Libya ???

Here is a discussion about France's ambitions in Libya:

German economic news: France has proposed to set up hot spots on Libyan territory in order to better control the migration flows. How did the Italian government react to this?

Giovanni Fasanella: I think she feels the French initiative is a nuisance. Macron has acted entirely alone and wanted to put Europe and countries like Italy, which has been trying to stabilize the situation in the Mediterranean for a long time, before completed facts. It is obvious that France is pursuing the goals of a neo-colonial power and acting accordingly. France is about settling in the area. If it takes control of Libya, it can extend its sphere of influence to areas that it had previously colonized: the Maghreb and also sub-Saharan Africa. The interests of the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean countries played no part in the French advance.

German Economic News: Why are these areas so important for France?

Giovanni Fasanella: Libya is mainly about oil. However, from Libya, France can better pursue its strategic interests in the region. For example, uranium from the Niger and Chad is of extreme importance to France - keep in mind that France covers about 75% of its electricity requirements from nuclear power. In addition, his status as Europe's position depends on it - the only one after the departure of Great Britain. And, of course, it is also about national security, because this area is also a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism.

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If you recall, the un-indicted war criminals Obama ad-Dajjal and Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya with the aid of NATO air power. Apparently this was done chiefly so the US could steal Libya's weapons and gold reserves, while the rest of the spoils went to France and the other co-conspirators.

And some of you think Obama was better than Trump? A better war criminal, YES.

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  1. In retrospect, the destruction of Libya was the equivalent of Iran-Contra. Both allowed the US deep state to divert a huge arms cache to covert forces fighting a secret war, circumventing Congress in the process. The payoff was cocaine cash in the case of Iran-Contra, and the theft of gold reserves in the case of Libya. Cui bono? Undoubtedly the CIA acted as intermediary, but who got the bulk of the profits? No one knows, and no one ever will.