Friday, August 25, 2017

Our Leaders Confused About The Homeless

Please compare and contrast these two simultaneous phenomena:

(1) Homelessness growing in US cities

Amid rising homelessness and mounting outcry from residents and business owners, a Los Angeles city councilman said Wednesday he wants to take a hard look at the way the city responds to the increasing presence of encampments and recreational vehicles.

“What we have isn’t working,” Councilman Mitchell Englander said.

In recent months, the issue of homelessness has become inescapable, with residents encountering more homelessness in their neighborhoods, according to the councilman, who represents the northwest San Fernando Valley.

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(2) US cities giving sanctuary to illegal aliens:

The city of Los Angeles sought Tuesday to join a legal battle against President Trump’s Department of Justice over conditions requiring police to cooperate with immigration enforcement officials in order to qualify for anti-crime funding.

City Atty. Mike Feuer filed papers in U.S. District Court asking the judge hearing a lawsuit brought earlier this month by San Francisco city officials to let Los Angeles quickly into that fray.

In its lawsuit, San Francisco is seeking to strike down rules U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions announced last month for Justice Department funds that have long been dispersed to local law enforcement agencies to bolster efforts to fight violent and gang crime. Going forward, Sessions said at the time, police agencies that want a piece of the funding would have to first demonstrate that they are willing to help immigration officials identify and detain people in local jails who are suspected of being in the country illegally.

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Are these not inextricably related?

Frankly, no one in charge at the federal, state, or city level in the US seems to have any real idea what the hell is going on in this country or what to do about it.

Is the current level of homelessness not a direct result of globalization and the jungle created by so-called "free markets", both of which the US government supports wholeheartedly?

If we cannot feed (or even tolerate the presence of) our own homeless, why are we inviting in even more mouths to feed? Do we somehow feel better about ourselves when we shelter illegal immigrants after chasing the native born homeless out of our cities?

This whole situation is so bizarre it boggles the mind.

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