Thursday, August 24, 2017

Whatever Happened To Joseph Kony ???

"Joseph Kony Est Mort," reads a leaflet bearing the murderous Central African warlord’s visage and the message, in French, that he has died.

Over the last six years, the United States invested the better part of $1 billion to make that statement a reality. America sent military advisors, set up bases, gathered intelligence, and funded and equipped local proxies across the region in an effort to kill or capture Kony and destroy his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a militia that has committed atrocities since the 1980s. The U.S. military even created that flier to tout Kony’s death and sent reams of them to a shadowy outpost in the Central African Republic where they sat, waiting for the day they could rain down from the sky. Now that leaflet - and that dream - have gone up in smoke.

Late last year, via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, I asked the U.S. military for a copy of the “Joseph Kony Is Dead” flier and other similar leaflets dropped by the millions in Central Africa. I was told, after a search, that the fliers could not be located - not one single leaflet. They had apparently vanished, never to be seen again. Until, that is, they were.

When they were found the military could, of course, have contacted me. They could have sent them to me. But the military had other plans for the documents. And those plans didn’t involve me. What they instead involved - perhaps in a breach of U.S. law - was incineration. Yet even before the burning, the military found a novel way to comply with my Freedom of Information Act request without really complying with it; a means of achieving victory in a FOIA fight - what they were never able to do in their battle against Joseph Kony.

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What's going on here? Is he dead, or isn't he?

I suspect that capturing or killing him was never a priority, just like going after Osama bin Laden wasn't a priority until Obama ad-Dajjal needed a boost in the polls.

The hunt for Kony may be just another "war on terror" scam, with the monies allegedly spent on him actually diverted to the on-going US campaign to destroy ALL popular movements in Africa.

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