Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Should Stone Mountain Be Defaced ???

Now there are calls to remove the Confederate faces from Stone Mountain in Georgia:

Maybe the horses should be left untouched. After all, I doubt they knew they were fighting to preserve slavery.

But seriously ... while we're at it, why not also deface Mount Rushmore?

Here is an excerpt from my book No More Patriots which explains why that monument may be the next to come down:

"All of these men were extremists and war mongers. Washington and Jefferson were lifelong slave owners. Abraham Lincoln did as little as possible to free the slaves, and Roosevelt did everything he could to enslave the people of the Philippines. How can such men possibly still be our heroes? And why hasn’t America paid reparations to the descendants of her millions of slaves?"

This is serious, folks. There is more going on here than just the Alt-Right vs. Antifa. Much more.

And the very existence of your nation is at stake. Don't doubt this for a second.

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