Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Terrorism, Or Drug-Induced Behavior ???

Here is a VERY interesting observation by Peter Hitchens of the UK:

As I have many times pointed out, the common factor in almost all these killings (and I say 'almost' only because in some cases the evidence has not been investigated or is - bizarrely and suspiciously - sealed) is mind-altering drugs of three types:

  • Psychiatric medication (as evidenced, for instance, in the Columbine and San Bernardino episodes, and in a Finnish school shooting, and possibly present in Nice);
  • marijuana, as evidenced (for example) in Tucson, Paris (Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan), Brussels, Tunisia,  Ottawa, in the Lee Rigby murder and aboard the Thalys train, and certainly in Nice;
  • and steroids, as used (for example) by Anders Breivik, by the British criminal Raoul Moat and most recently by the Orlando mass-murderer Omar Mateen. A post-mortem recently confirmed steroids, which his first wife said he took, were present in Mateen’s body at the time of the massacre. In Breivik’s case, the authorities remain totally uninterested in this aspect of the case, and we only know of his steroid use from his own revolting and moronic 'testament'.

You can read the rest @

His blog post is a long, rambling mess which is hard to follow, and I can't say I agree with everything he says, but his observation about the role of drugs in these massacres is worthy of further investigation.

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