Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Is US Gold Reserve Safe ???

US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin implied US gold is safely stored in Fort Knox. You can read about it here:

https://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2017/08/22/us-finanzminister-mnuchin-ueberprueft-gold-lager-fort-knox/ [translation required]

But was he telling the truth? Kelly Mitchell's 2013 book Gold Wars implies otherwise:

[Note: Comments below in italics are from Mitchell's book. The other comments are mine.]

Bill Clinton turned a surplus by the questionable method of borrowing Social Security funds for the general budget. [I always suspected that his "budget surplus" was based on some sort of trick. Clinton's administration also aided in the disastrous repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the looting of US gold from the Fort Knox repository.]

$720 million in gold went missing in the 9/11 cleanup. [It was stored in WTC4. Witnesses who entered the ruins soon after the building collapses claim that the gold vaults were all empty. Does that remind you of the movie "Die Hard With A Vengeance"? In addition to being a false flag attack, 9/11 was a sophisticated heist.]

Libya lost 144 tons of gold after the fall of Qaddafi. Iraq suffered a similar fate after Saddam Hussein's fall, but the amount taken was not disclosed. [In both cases, the gold was stolen by parties unknown; my guess is by US-controlled NATO special forces.]

The FBI's records of Barrick Gold's gold-fixing actions were reported destroyed in the North Tower on 9/11.

According to the US attorney general, our banking system is now openly run by criminals who cannot be prosecuted.

[And although the US appears on paper to have a large gold reserve, the Fed and the Treasury have refused to allow an independent physical audit of US gold holdings. There is a strong suspicion that, like Iraq's and Libya's gold, it too has been stolen by parties unknown.]

You can read the rest @

Perhaps Mnuchin wasn't actually lying about Fort Knox, but I doubt his statements were based upon any credible knowledge he may have concerning "our" gold reserves.

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  1. Obviously Germany no longer trusted the US to keep its gold safe: