Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Are We Still Fighting The Civil War ???

Here is an interesting question:

Confederate symbols have become a crucible of racial tension in the US. White nationalists claim they are important monuments - but are they just a way to rewrite an ugly history and revive the battles of the past?

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First of all - why are the defenders of Confederate heritage being called "white nationalists"? That in itself is a revival of battles of the past.

Second, the problems which led to the Civil War have NEVER been resolved. Unwanted "solutions" were imposed by force of arms, leaving festering wounds which have not healed to this day.

Finally, Americans have NEVER forgiven anyone who has defeated us, even if the battle was fair and square:

  • We never forgave Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse,
  • We never forgave the Vietnamese, and
  • We're not going to forgive the Russians or the Syrians.

Why then is it so hard to believe that people of the South are not going to forgive the federal government for what it did during the Civil War?

Trump's attempt to restore the status quo is doomed to failure, because his foes control the press, the MSM, and the corporate and banking structure of the nation. They are going to force through change, but once again we will be left with imposed "solutions" unwanted by at least half of the population.

We're just jumping from the frying pan into the fire. This is NOT going to be pretty.

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