Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Is US Constitution Now Invalid ???

The attack on The Founders of the United States of America continues:

I cannot see how the left cannot call for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others to be removed from the public square, libraries, museums, universities and our currency.

Since the left is out to get all racists, feverishly on the lookout for Nazis and alt-right retards, ripping down statues of confederates, why not go to the source of all this racism, eh? America’s forefathers.

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That is essentially what I said yesterday in this blog post:

The chief thing which once bound us together was the US Constitution.

But today The Founders and their Constitution are under continual, severe attack. Once the Constitution falls, our nation shall fall, too. And in case you haven't been paying attention, "our" government has been ignoring the US Constitution for quite some time.

Q: Once Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the others are removed from their lofty perches, who then become our new heroes?

A: Feel free to make your own list. But choose wisely, since you'll have to live with it until the next upheaval.

By the way, the powers that be allowed Trump to get elected and then immediately started to undercut him for this very purpose - to drag our country down. Do you really think they are going to erect a different country which will HELP We The People? If you do, you're far more gullible than I thought.

While you're languishing in your dream world of justice and "free money", get ready for the most brutal privatization of all time. The NEW FOUNDERS are going to make the old ones look like saints in comparison.

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