Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rothschilds Are Dumping US Assets

Here is confirmation of what "globalism" can do to a nation's economy:

In what is a sure signal to oligarchs across the globe, Lord Jacob Rothschild, founder and chairman of RIT Capital Partners, has substantially minimized his exposure to what he views as a risky and unstable U.S. capital market. In the half-yearly financial report for RIT Capital Partners, Rothschild explained the company’s aggressive moves to significantly reduce exposure to U.S. assets.

“We do not believe this is an appropriate time to add to risk. Share prices have in many cases risen to unprecedented levels at a time when economic growth is by no means assured,” Rothschild said in his semi-annual report.

Additionally, Rothschild stated that he believes quantitative easing (QE) programs employed by central banks, such as the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. will “come to an end.”

Rothschild was quoted in the report as saying, “The period of monetary accommodation may well be coming to an end.”

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Those who enabled the "free" transfer of monetary assets across national borders committed high treason. It just wasn't obvious to the mob until now.

And those who soon will be shorting the US and becoming richer in our engineered "fall" are both treasonous AND our worst enemies.

Q: What are we going to go about it?

A: So far, the only two responses seem to be - "nothing", and "suffer".

If that's all we've got, we're on the road to serfdom.

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