Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Oppression Of Women In Israel

Women of the Wall prayer rights activists were once again subjected to bodily searches at the entrance to the Western Wall plaza on Wednesday, despite an order by the High Court of Justice that such searches are not permissible.

Approximately 100 women from the group attended the organization’s prayer service for the new month of Ellul, with significant numbers facing lengthy delays of up to 40 minutes at the security gates due to intrusive searches.

At least four women were taken aside, questioned, and asked to lift their skirts and their shirts before being allowed to enter the Western Wall complex.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation for its part stated that during a search, a female security guard found parchment sheets of a Torah scroll hidden under the clothes of one of the women seeking to use the scroll in the Women of the Wall service.

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So not only are they illegally violated physically, they're actually forbidden to pray in the manner that Jewish men can pray at the wall.

Why are we still supporting these people?

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