Friday, August 25, 2017

MSM Loves Trump The Warlord

On Monday night, Donald Trump spoke in front of the nation as a very serious man, reading off a teleprompter and assuming the steely gaze of TV presidents of yore. He uttered big words in measured tones and made vague pronouncements about a war in Afghanistan that promises to waste lives and money for years, if not decades, to come. A permanent conflict that is the actual Orwellian reality of America today.

No president, whether a constitutional law professor or a narcissistic reality show mogul, has the will to challenge a military-industrial complex far larger and more sinister than any British writer – or Dwight Eisenhower – dreamed of. So ingrained is war into the national fabric that our Washington media class can only think of pageantry when Trump delivers a speech about troop build-up with no end in sight.

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How and when did the US become a military dictatorship? Was it just since WWII, or have we always been one?

And how in the hell are we ever going to stop?

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