Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Navy Collision At Sea ???

Another US Navy destroyer has collided with a merchant vessel:

As a former US Navy officer of the deck, I have great sympathy for the lost and the living. It is VERY easy to lose perspective when at sea. And even momentary lapses can lead to disaster.

I'd also like to ask - what did they die for? The US has no real enemies in that part of the world, and the majority of traffic there is foreign flag vessels carrying foreign owned goods. China can protect her own interests, and the US is there only to meddle and provoke.

So now we've created a SECOND provocation. Are you happy now? I'm not. Apparently 10 sailors just died for nothing.

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  1. By way of comparison, the last two collisions have resulted in as many deaths as did the bombing of USS Cole. This suggests the US Navy is its own worst enemy.