Thursday, August 3, 2017

Seven Days In 2017 ???

Here are some words worth repeating:

There's been abroad in this land in recent months a whisper that we have somehow lost our greatness, that we do not have the strength to win without war the struggles for liberty throughout the world. This is slander, because our country is strong, strong enough to be a peacemaker. It is proud, proud enough to be patient. The whisperers and the detractors, the violent men are wrong. We will remain strong and proud, peaceful and patient, and we will see a day when on this earth all men will walk out of the long tunnels of tyranny into the bright sunshine of freedom.
President Jordan Lyman

There are some ominous parallels between what was portrayed in the movie Seven Days in May and what now is happening in our country. Powerful forces seek to undermine the authority of the US President and steer the nation into war ... a potentially disastrous and totally unnecessary war.

In my view, Senator John Sidney McCain III is the equivalent of the movie's villain General James Mattoon Scott. He and Senator Lindsey Graham, former President Obama ad-Dajjal, Hillary Clinton, and their minions are destroying our republic. President Trump does not seem to possess the intelligence or the chutzpah to defeat this band of weasels now attacking him.

But he better find it soon, or his presidency and our republic are doomed.

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