Friday, June 2, 2017

The End Of US Sovereignty ???

President Trump claims that leaving the Paris climate accord is a reassertion of America's sovereignty:

Almost immediately, US corporations, cities, and states rejected Trump's move and said they would abide by the accord:

It should be obvious by now that few in the US (and the world) recognize the legitimacy of Trump's government. If this continues, it will mean the end of US sovereignty.

Thanks, Donald.

But keep in mind that he is the patsy and not the cause for this. US oligarchs, bankgangsters, corporate CEOs, and their collaborators in the one percent have become a power unto themselves. Their attacks on Trump are merely a manifestation of their assertion of that power. Through him they will finally destroy the USA and replace it with a government more to their liking.

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  1. Here's another rich asshole trying to subvert the authority of President Trump: