Thursday, June 29, 2017

Is US Stealing Uranium From Afghanistan ???

Here is an interesting claim:

A member of the Afghan parliament from Helmand Province and local residents have confirmed to Sputnik Afghanistan that the US military could be smuggling uranium out of the village of Khanashin in the country's southern province of Helmand, as well as other rare elements and natural resources.

Helmand is one of the most turbulent provinces in Afghanistan, and is a center of the country's mining industry and the shadowy drug-smuggling industry. There are four deposits of uranium, magnetite, apatite and carbonite in the south of this region, in the southern village of Khanashin, just 160 km from the border with Pakistan.

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I'm not sure this makes economic sense. Uranium ore is worth about $20 per pound, and flying it out of the country can't be all that cheap. And who could be the buyer(s)?

If this is happening at all, I suspect the ore is going to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries who want their own nuclear programs to counter those of Israel and Iran. But processing the ore and extracting the U-235 ain't easy, so I'm betting the Saudis are the most likely buyer.

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  1. And if this is true, we should be asking why the CIA and US military are smuggling drugs and other wealth out of Afghanistan. Who benefits? They already get a trillion dollars per year from We The People in the form of tribute (taxes).

    I guess what they say is true - "freedom" is not free, is it?