Friday, June 16, 2017

No More Patriots ???

There was a time when liberals and conservatives both agreed on one thing. They both used to love their country. Though they differed on what values and policies would be best for their homeland, they still had that shred of common ground.

That’s clearly no longer the case. Across the Western world, you’ll find that even moderate liberals are often uncomfortable with terms like “patriotism” and “nationalism.” As for the far-left, they now view these terms as poisonous and archaic. That’s because they want the whole world to be one big happy family, where borders are meaningless, people can freely move from one country to the next, and no society is inherently better than another. They preach diversity, but they want the world to be blended into one drab monoculture that falls in line with their beliefs.

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This subject brings up an interesting question - if the majority of people in North America now hate the United States, then what is our military fighting for? A nation which soon will no longer exist?

I addressed several aspects of this topic in my book No More Patriots. It still is available in the Kindle store, and it's definitely worth a look:

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