Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Will Trump Revive TTIP ???

Please say it ain't so:

Reports of TTIP’s death have been greatly exaggerated: in spite of Trump’s populist outbursts and his pledge to change US trade policy, the TTIP agenda suits his corporate buddies all too well and goes hand in hand with the EU’s corporate trade agenda. It is likely to return in one form or another.

For months now, the proponents of CETA and TTIP (respectively, EU-Canada and prospective EU-US trade treaties) have warned that US President Trump represents a threat to – what they claim are – fundamentally ‘progressive’ and ‘inclusive’ trade agreements that will benefit all. When the European Parliament voted for CETA in February, they made it sound as if the agreement was somehow a response to the nationalist holler of the billionaire President, who some blame for ditching TTIP. And indeed, Trump played to his base over his ‘dramatic U-turn’ on US trade policy, scrapping the Transpacific Partnership, launching a renegotiation of NAFTA, and proposing protection of certain US sectors against foreign imports. But in reality the change may be only skin-deep.

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Was his campaign nothing but a hoax? This would be the ultimate betrayal.

Unfortunately the globalist agenda seems to be inescapable.

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