Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bring Back Our Constitution

Here is the most important argument before us today:

The president, following a practice of his predecessors, has appropriated and further delegated the war-making power - which belongs to Congress alone. This has created a constitutionally impermissible condition where the power to declare war has passed into the hands of those responsible to wage war. 

There is no faster route to destruction of our republic than the path we are currently upon, where unelected Pentagon officials have been ceded a constitutional power reserved for the Congress.

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It's alarming that this argument is being made ONLY by a few former members of Congress, such as Dennis Kucinich, and by a small minority of current members, such as Senator Rand Paul. "Our" Congress appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the military-industrial-banking-information-prison complex and the nation of Israel, neither of which has any respect for our Constitution or laws.

Bring back our Constitution, or our nation shall perish. And DO NOT allow these clowns to amend or replace it. It can work just fine as is if they would let it.

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