Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hypocritical Californians Build Their Own "Trump's Wall""

Here is their "rationale":

Caltrans is building a taller, stronger wall in San Jose to stop homeless individuals from returning to an encampment.

Caltrans has repeatedly cleaned up the large encampment under I-280, but the homeless keep returning.

While this new solution has some homeowners pleased, it is generating a lot of anger in the community.

Laura Nunez, who has lived on Macredes Avenue in San Jose most of her life, said everything changed on her street when homeless people began using the rickety chain link fence at the end of the block as a doorway to their encampments along I-280.

“Every time Caltrans would come out and repair it ... as soon as they left they cut a hole in it and they just use that ... that was their main access point to go in and out,” said Nunez. “We’ve had to live with their garbage. We’ve had to live with drug paraphernalia. The kids haven’t been able come out to play.”

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Dear California - The homeless are human, too. Why do you hate them so much and kill them with impunity ... and then whine when Trump decides to build a wall?


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