Thursday, June 29, 2017

Is General Mattis A Nut Job ???

What was this all about?

Monday night’s out-of-nowhere statement from the White House, claiming a Syrian chemical weapon attack was imminent and promising to make Syria pay a heavy price must’ve been successful, Secretary of Defense James Mattis reasoned, since no chemical attack happened after all.

The White House statement claimed there were signs of preparation, offering no evidence that was really the case, then claiming it would kill “innocent children” and threatening retaliation. The statement was made with no discussion with either the State Department or Pentagon, puzzling many top officials as to what they thought they were doing.

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Back in 1939-1940, they had what was called "the phoney war". You can read about it here:

Either they've been teaching that as a strategy at the War College, or Mattis is some kind of nut job. Perhaps both of these options are correct.

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