Saturday, June 17, 2017

Will US Civil War Be Fought With Proxies ???

Here is a VERY insightful essay by Bernie Suarez:

For anyone keeping track of the current deep state war this is a heads up warning of things that appear to be on the horizon in America as the road to Civil War 2.0 moves closer to reality. The Associated Press just put out a story that circulated within the corporate mainstream media which portrayed militias as the good guys and empathized with them. I believe this is a major red flag because this is something the corporate mainstream media especially the Liberal Left mainstream media never does. In fact for years, especially during the Obama years we've seen militia members portrayed as domestic terrorists by the Left. Armed groups which stands for America and the Constitution have always been a threat to the Liberal Left because this is opposed to the global order they want. I'm reminded how the corporate mainstream media demonized the Cliven Bundy family and the Bundy Ranch supporters as "domestic terrorists". From Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh all the way to the Oregon standoff with Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum, those associating with or said to have associated with the "militia" have not fared well in the eyes of the mainstream media.

So naturally we should look to this recent very rare positive portrayal of the militia by the mainstream media with extremely high suspicion. As I describe in the video below, when the Liberal mainstream media who hates Trump so much and is determined to bring down America starts to speak positively about the militia and begins to describe situations in which the militias will be needed this is cause for suspicion and concern that there is a much deeper agenda going on here than meets the eye.

You can read the rest and watch his video @

He's got a very good point. The distinction between freedom fighters, proxies, and terrorists is a very fine line, one the US government knows how to cross and recross with impunity. Something's up, and I doubt it will be good for We The People.

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