Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Megyn Kelly Is Not The One Being Played

Here is a silly essay about Megyn Kelly:


Megyn's "problem" is that she wants to be a REAL journalist, not merely a talking head who attacks rather than interviews her subjects.

Dear Mr. Marlow Stern - there are PLENTY of reasons why we should be skeptical of the official stories of what happened on 9/11, at Sandy Hook, and in the JFK assassination:

  • Key evidence was hidden or destroyed,
  • The remaining evidence was manipulated, and
  • Established protocols were not followed.

The key piece of evidence in the JFK assassination (the person of Lee Harvey Oswald) was murdered under suspicious circumstances. Other evidence (JFK's body, his brain, his clothing, the limousine, etc.) was either destroyed or manipulated. Virtually ALL of the 9/11 evidence was hidden or destroyed. And frankly there is NO evidence supporting the story of what happened at Sandy Hook - no crime scene photos, no dead bodies to view, no autopsy reports, no death certificates. Just a lot of official and unofficial statements and threats. Both the school and the residence of the alleged shooter were demolished, so they cannot be independently examined.

The autopsy of JFK should have been done in Texas, but was not. This violated protocol. The alleged autopsy was corrupted by senior military officers who were present. That violated protocol.

The airplanes used on 9/11 got through because the intercept protocol was changed right before the attack. The planes were not forensically identified or reconstructed. That violated protocol.

No emergency responders were allowed into the Sandy Hook crime scene, and no proper cleanup of the blood and tissue from the shootings was conducted. This violated protocol.

Frankly, a lot of crap has been written about events such as these. But many valid concerns have been raised about destruction of evidence and the holes, inconsistencies, and apparent fabrications found in the official explanations of them. We want to believe, but how can we?

There wouldn't be an Alex Jones if our federal, state, and local governments would just tell us the truth.

And by the way, which do you think is more harmful to the victims of such crimes - publicizing the crime scene photos, or hiding them so that skeptics start calling their family members liars? The ultimate solution here is openness, not more secrecy and punishing skeptics.

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