Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thought For The Day - June 25, 2017

I heard an advert today on an Austin, TX radio station and which ended with these words:

"Amazon is an equal opportunity employer."

Here is what this really means:

Amazon is officially hiring in Central Texas, looking to fill hundreds of jobs at the new distribution center in San Marcos.

In addition to their human counterparts, employees hired will be working alongside Amazon robotics to fulfill customer orders.

“Associates will be stationed at ergonomic work stations and when customer orders come in, the robots will bring the inventory to them at the work station, where an associate will pick the item off a shelf and put in a tote and get sent off to packing,” explains Ashley Robinson, spokesperson for Amazon Operations.

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Yep, Amazon needs a few humans to help their robots. Why? Apparently so the human can be blamed if the wrong item is put in the tote.

Are you happy now?

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