Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Does War Make Us Secure ???

Over the past several weeks, US military actions within Syria have been less and less ISIS-centric, with a handful of operations targeting Shi’ite militias in southern Syria, and even shooting down a Syrian government aircraft over the weekend.

This isn’t just the US idly getting into one-off fights in the course of a war they’re already fighting in Syria, but rather is reflective of a push by White House officials, with multiple National Security Council members looking at the Syrian War less as a fight against ISIS and more as a chance to pick a fight with Iran.

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The US "National Security Council" is mis-named. They ought to be called the "Israeli Security Council", since they continually put Israel's interests ahead of our own.

And the US Congress ought to be renamed the "Israeli piggy bank and chief enabler".

War in general does not make us more secure. And war for the benefit of Israel definitely makes us INSECURE.

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  1. Does anyone think these three clowns actually represent the US?