Sunday, June 25, 2017

Future ??? We Don't Need No Stinking Future !!!

Lately there have been several reports such as this one about loss of jobs in the retail industry:

Some think they can recover by getting into the pot business:

But ultimately, everything you can do now soon will be done by robots:

This is not merely a case of "mass unemployment and dislocated economies". This is a pending disaster for humanity. Almost no one will be capable of supporting themselves.

And what are the powers that be doing about this? THEY ARE DRIVING US OVER THE CLIFF THEY HAVE CREATED WITH THEIR VISION OF A TECH "UTOPIA". In a real sense, they are becoming our executioners.

But not to worry - they're buying up private islands and other retreats and building bomb shelters to help ride out the looming storm. Oh ... wait a minute ... We The People won't be invited to these safe havens, will we?

And they're also building rockets to allow a select few to escape to Mars. Whoops ... we're not invited to go there, either.

So what's in store for your future? Apparently no job, no money, probably no food ... and (you guessed it) no future at all.

Just what the hell kind of planning is that?

If you don't agree with this assessment, please let me know why. But if you DO agree with it, please tell me why We The People are letting it happen. Does anyone have a workable alternative?

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  1. Here is another example of how the need for human workers is vanishing:

    "A steel mill in Austria shows how serious are the changes being made by technology in the industry. Only 14 employees are required for the production of 500,000 tons of steel."

    You can read the rest @