Friday, June 2, 2017

The "Carbon Market" Is A Huge Scam

The State of California is big on the concept of a "carbon market"; i.e., a scam which extorts money from those who choose to use carbon-based fuels. You can read about it here:

The money extorted by such scams does little or nothing to curb "climate change", but it does prop up unprofitable industries such as the solar-based corporations owned by Elon Musk and his comrades.

I believe the climate change hoax movement is more about making money than it is about saving the earth.

By the way, almost 2/3 of US electricity is generated using carbon fuels (coal and natural gas).

Source -

Without a MASSIVE building spree and cost increase, there is NO WAY solar energy can produce that much energy in the foreseeable future.

Can you now guess why Musk and his ilk are in love with the climate change hoax movement? It has the potential to make them TRILLIONS of dollars.

We should be offended by Musk's use of the name "Tesla" for his car company. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of our modern world, died penniless chiefly because he refused to gouge money from We The People for the electric power he enabled us to have. Elon Musk seems to have no such sense of generosity or compassion. He's no "Tesla".

Q1: Why do people abhor capitalism in the so-called "markets", yet tolerate it in the climate change hoax movement?

A1: Because we seem to be dumber than dirt.

Q2: Why are "scientists" and those who support them so adamant that climate change is caused by human activity?

A2: Because once you realize that it is not, it becomes obvious that anything we do to try to stop it is unlikely to work. And that corroborates the premise that the "carbon market" is a scam.

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