Friday, June 2, 2017

US Is Destroying Christianity In The ME

Here is a dire prediction by Whitney Webb:

Owing to this troubled history, the presence of Arab Christians throughout the region has been a factor in the proliferation of Arab secularism in select countries, namely Syria, pre-invasion Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. After so many centuries of being targeted and persecuted, Christians in the Middle East have still been some of the most ardent supporters of secularism in the region.

Abdo Haddad, a Syrian Christian writer now living in Europe, made this plain in an interview with MintPress News, stating “[as] the Christians of the East developed a political sense of survival over the years, their first choice was to secure and support a strong state run by laws and, preferably, with a secular administration.”

But if Christians continue to leave the region in large numbers, secularism itself could become a relic of the region’s rich history. As Todd Johnson told the Wall Street Journal, “The disappearance of such minorities sets the stage for more radical groups to dominate in society. Religious minorities, at the very least, have a moderating effect.”

Haddad added that the greatest threat is even more grave. “The real danger lies in whether the Christian world loses the last early Christians, the last guards, the last ancient souls of the earth. If killing such a unique and profound community and civilization passes as easily as it looks, imagine what would become in your own nations once you dare to announce your faith or origin ... ” he said.

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9/11 and the resulting "war on terror" have destroyed Christianity in the Middle East AND in the United States. The so-called US Christians bear little resemblance to the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

And believe me when I say that Israel intends the US to have no role whatsoever in the Middle East other than to pay for them to take it over.

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  1. The destruction of Mosul is a big part of this:

    Not only have we destroyed the cradle of Christianity, we've also destroyed the Cradle of Civilization. And this all was intentional.