Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Crybaby Bully Is Pouting Again

A day after the US gave tepid support for the establishment of Syrian safe zones to try to separate combatant forces and reduce the amount of fighting, they appear to have noticed that this might get in their way of their own attacks across the country, and are pledging to ignore the demilitarization of the zones.

Back when Turkey and the US were both super keen on the idea of safe zones, a big selling point was the imposition of no-fly zones over the areas, to keep the civilians within getting bombed. This was also a big obstacle, as the US wasn’t totally clear it could do this without declaring war on Russia.

With Russia also on board now, that should’ve been easier. Instead, Russia announced that the safe zones, which went into effect overnight, are now officially closed to all warplanes, and US officials are livid at the idea, insisting they have no intention of respecting that.

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Russian imposed "no-fly zones" actually protect people, while US imposed zones often provide a pretext for slaughtering civilians.

Grow up, America, and start doing things conducive to peace once in a while.

What happens when the Russians shoot down some of our planes?

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