Sunday, May 21, 2017

Is Trump The Antichrist ???

In a previous post, I discussed how to tell Christ from Antichrist. I have repeated it below in italics, or you can view the original post here:

How to tell Christ from Antichrist

During Jesus' ministry two thousand years ago, He did the following to demonstrate that the Kingdom of G-d was at hand:
  • He healed the sick
  • He stopped strife and bloodshed
  • He raised the dead
  • He fed the hungry
When He returns during the End of Days, He will do the following to punish the inhabitants of the earth:
  • He will spread pestilence
  • He will cause strife and bloodshed
  • He will kill the wicked
  • He will spread famine
When that occurs, a charlatan whom we call the Antichrist will tell the inhabitants of the earth that they do not deserve the punishments which G-d is inflicting on them and will tell them he will save those who worship him:
  • He will promise to heal the sick
  • He will promise to stop the strife and bloodshed
  • He will promise to stop the killing
  • He will promise to feed the hungry
Yet, the Antichrist will not be able to deliver on those promises. He has no such powers. G-d will punish those whom He decides are deserving of His punishments, including the Antichrist.

The people of the United States falsely believe that they are without sin and are all going to heaven. When the punishment phase starts, they will flock to what they believe is the protection of the Christ, but it will be Antichrist to whom they turn. And in so doing they will turn their backs on G-d and seal their fate.

So how can you tell Christ from Antichrist? If He comes with G-d's wrath to punish you, He is Jesus Christ. If he comes with promises to protect you from G-d's wrath, he is the Antichrist. If you have been sealed by G-d, you're in the body of Christ. If you have taken the mark of the beast, you're in the body of Antichrist.

What has Obama ad-Dajjal done so far?

  1. ObamaCare = A promise of universal health care on which he cannot deliver
  2. Nobel Peace Prize = A promise of peace on which he did not and cannot deliver
  3. Promises to stop the killing  = Which were actually lies concealing his deadly drone strikes and other murders (e.g., Osama bin Laden)
  4. The Farmer Assurance Provision (a.k.a. the "Monsanto Protection Act") = A promise to protect our food supply which may actually help destroy it

Does he sound more like Christ or Antichrist? You make the call; it's one of the most important choices you will ever make.


Now let's assess what Trump has done to date:

  1. He tried to repeal and replace ObamaCare = He made an alternative promise of universal health care which most will agree is complete BS
  2. He is trying to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians, while making war on Syria, ISIS, and North Korea = He seems torn between war and peace
  3. He greatly increased the number of drone attacks and resulting deaths = He seems committed to death as a "way of life"
  4. He has taken various actions which withhold food stamps and other assistance from the poor and immigrants = He also seems committed to hunger and starvation as a means to accomplish his fiscal goals

In a way, he sounds like neither Christ nor Antichrist, at least not by the criteria listed above.

So perhaps he is a FALSE Christ. Distinguishing between Christ and false Christ is an entirely different matter, because their actions will be quite similar to each other. What follows should help you tell them apart:

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(1) From what is written in the Book of Revelation, it should be clear that the Second Coming of Jesus will be at the end of the reign of the Antichrist. Therefore, any Christ-like figure appearing BEFORE the Antichrist will be a false Christ.

(2) The two witnesses mentioned in Chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation will do some of the things which Christ will do (i.e., punish the inhabitants of the earth), but there will be TWO of them acting in concert so their identity should be obvious.

(3) There are two general types of false Christ: those who appear to be acting independently, and those who are at the head of a powerful organization such as a government. Two recent examples of such a person are David Koresh and former President George W. Bush, and much can be learned by contrasting the two men.

(4) Nowhere in the Bible does it say that G-d (or anyone else) will (or should) kill false Christs. If they are killed, it will be Satan or his proxies who kill them. Take note that the false Christ David Koresh was killed by the United States of America, not by G-d.

(5) Immediately prior to his death, David Koresh published what he called the decoding of the first seal of the Book of Revelation. I have read it, and what he said boils down to this: if the first seal has been opened, it means that someone WORTHY to open the seal has arrived; and of course that person is the Lamb of G-d.

(6) A further decoding of the first seal is this: the rider of the white horse represents the Greco-Roman god Apollo, who was a god associated with health and disease. As we saw above, when Jesus returns He will bring pestilence, while the Antichrist will promise health. Therefore, someone PRETENDING to be the Lamb of G-d and who falsely claims to have opened the first seal will accompany his actions with some sort of disease outbreak. THIS IS WHAT THE ANTHRAX "ATTACKS" FOLLOWING 9/11 REPRESENTED – A FALSE CHRIST (GEORGE W. BUSH) FALSELY CLAIMING TO HAVE OPENED THE FIRST SEAL AND FALSELY CLAIMING TO BE THE LAMB OF G-D. Take note that while Koresh was immediately killed for such blasphemy, Dubya continued to thrive for 7 more years.

(7) Christ's punishment of humanity will be widespread and universal, while the punishments brought about by a false Christ will be puny in comparison. Dubya did cause disease, war, death, and famine which were immense on a human scale, but he did not come close to what Jesus will do upon his return, killing at least one third of all humanity.

So the distinction between Christ and false Christ all comes down to timing, scale, and outcome:

  • Christ will come AFTER Antichrist,
  • Christ's punishment of humanity will be widespread and universal,
  • And following the Battle of Armageddon, Christ will put the Antichrist, false prophet, and all their followers into the bottomless pit and institute the Kingdom of G-d.

No false Christ could do these things; only the true Christ will have such power.

Considering all the above criteria and arguments, I have to conclude that President Trump's actions to date have suggested that he is a FALSE CHRIST.

But keep your eyes on him. He is a protean creature who could easily morph into something else in a New York minute.


  1. To recap my conclusions - George W. Bush was a false Christ, Obama was and is an Antichrist (also a false prophet and ad-Dajjal), and Trump is a false Christ.

    Should Trump be impeached, we still will be left with all of the impacts of Obama ad-Dajjal and his enablers and followers, so this is not over. Not even close.

  2. Will Ebola be Trump's disease outbreak? It might be, although it certainly doesn't look like it was his fault:

  3. Does Trump worship G-d, or death?

    Much of what Trump is doing is NOT what Jesus commanded us to do. How can an alleged Christian think they're worshiping G-d if they reject the teachings of Jesus?