Thursday, May 18, 2017

China Mining Methane Hydrate

China has successfully mined flammable ice at sea after nearly two decades of research work.

The flammable ice was discovered in the South China Sea in 2007.

According to Chinese state run Xinhua, one cubic metre of combustible ice is equal to 164 cubic metres of natural regular gas.

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Note the report does not use the term "methane hydrate". Why not? Is it because most articles using that term claim that its escape into the atmosphere will accelerate global warming? Here's an example:

So ... is the plan now to stop methane hydrate from getting into our atmosphere by burning it in our cars, homes, and factories? If so, keep in mind that the CO and CO2 from that burning still will contribute to global warming, which eventually will cause breakthrough of the methane hydrate itself ... which will lead to the next great global extinction.

The only way out of this mess is to reduce one of the following to zero:

  • human energy consumption, or
  • human population.

Which would you prefer to see happen?

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