Saturday, May 20, 2017

Getting Rid Of Assad And Trump

As you may know, Israel wants to assassinate President al-Assad of Syria:

And now the German newspaper Der Spiegel has opined that President Trump "must be removed from the White House before things get even worse":

Hopefully they mean a nonviolent removal, but you never know.

Is there a connection here? Both leaders stand in the way of a globalist agenda which seems to benefit Israel and the rich ... and no one else. Both were popularly elected and still have the support of (at least) some of the citizens of their countries. Both are trying to prevent the globalist destruction of their respective sovereign nations.

Much of the "chaos" attributed to al-Assad and Trump actually is being caused by the powers who seek to overthrow them. It's unfortunate (but totally expected) that the MSM won't acknowledge that.

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  1. One also can make a comparison between the persecutions of Julian Assange and Trump. Similar semi-legal methods are being used by the deep state to go after both of them: