Friday, May 19, 2017

France Planned A Coup, Too

According to an extraordinary report published yesterday in L’Obs magazine, top members of France’s Socialist Party (PS) government prepared to launch a coup d’état if Marine Le Pen of the neo-fascist National Front (FN) won the May 7 presidential run-off.

The purpose of the coup was not to keep Le Pen from taking office. Rather, it was designed to crush left-wing protests against Le Pen’s victory, impose martial law, and install Le Pen in power in an enforced alliance with a PS-led government.

“No one dared imagine what would happen the day after the run-off if Marine Le Pen won. A social explosion could be expected,” wrote L’Obs. It explained, “The strategists who conceived this plan B supposed that after the National Front victory, the country would be on the verge of chaos: state of shock, Republican demonstrations, but above all extreme violence, especially coming from the ultra left.”

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This is very similar to what now is happening in the US. And note well the alleged "chaos" came not from Trump, Le Pen, or their supporters, but from their opponents.


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