Monday, May 29, 2017

The Myth Of Free Trade

Ecuador struck another blow against the power of big business last week, ripping up 16 trade deals with countries including the US and UK. President Correa cited the notorious ‘corporate court’ system as the key reason for ending the deals.

Officially known as Investor State Dispute Settlement, these ‘corporate courts’ allow foreign investors to sue governments for taking action they believe to be unfair. Such courts have been used to challenge government’s attempts to prohibit smoking, raise minimum wages and renationalise parts of the health system. And they do so in secret, and without the right of the country concerned to appeal.

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Most people in the US have chugged down the "free trade" Kool-Aid and do not realize that it actually represents the enslavement of humanity to corporate power.

How can an allegedly "free" and "educated" population be so stupid?

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